The Starbender is, as stated on the home page, similar to an online journal. This journal will have the most random set of tidbits and posts, ranging from the mind-bending works of Berkeley to a quick write of chocolate chip pancakes – almost any subject might find its way onto this site! Be forewarned that blogs are places of personal opinions, and so you might find something not entirely to your liking. That is perfectly fine, and offers a simple solution: don’t read it. If it is a single post, skip over it (it probably won’t have anything important in it anyway)! If it’s the whole blog, don’t read that either! You, the reader, may choose to read however much you want; The Starbender will continue to be itself no matter how low the ratings are.

In a nutshell, The Starbender is this: my journal, filled with my ideas, as random as they may be.

So, have a look – you never know what you might find.